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Sept 2013 (Date TBD)

Free Child And Adult Safety E-book

We at CAASES are pleased to bring to you the Child and Adult Safety Education Services ebook. This is only one of many efforts we are making to communicate safety to the public. Our hope and desire is that the information compiled within these pages will supply you with all the safety education you need in the most common situations of your life. We have assembled some of the most disastrous events that happen every day. Also included in this ebook are suggested services that will help you be prepared if and when a situation arises. Education is one of the most powerful tools available in the daily and lifetime effort to keep you, your family, and other's in your life safe, healthy, and happy.

As safety instructors we have investigated and studied the information provided from many resources. We have often wished that all of this information was obtainable from one resource but never found one that existed. So, we've created it ourselves. Now at your disposal is a wealth of information that discusses protecting your children, your home, your finances, and much, much more.