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Home Invasion Escape

Did you know most violent assaults end up on our backs or stomachs & 73% occur where you live?

"Situation learning" (applying similar skills that can work in different scenarios) I call it and over the years, certain questions always come up and being attacked in your home is the top one.

So if 99% of violent attacks against girls and women end up on the ground,

Plus, adults and teens love to play "what if" which is a great way to learn i.e. what if he smothers you with a pillow, what if he ties you up, what if your legs are trapped under the covers, etc.

         What if it's just your daughter alone...

The Solution

You just watched a bit of the 50 minute HOME INVASION ESCAPE DVD. John created this program because typical self-defense instruction like 'kick him you know where', grab his throat, scrape his face with your keys, spray him with mace, or do whatever to fight him off... Is all good stuff and it might work, but it makes a big assumption -- you can stay on their feet.

Imagine your daughter pinned under a guy in her apartment or dorm. What is the chance she could escape unharmed or alive? What Would improving her odds mean to your peace of mind?

Home Invasion Escape! Receive a "Free DVD" when you take the class. This class is designed for women and girls age 13+. After completing the class we suggest watching your "free DVD" once a month and then decide what situations are best fit for you. 

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