CAASES/Shoot Right Education & Training Center
Teen Anti-Abduction Escape

Anti-abduction training is not the same as self-defense training... Because how you escape from a thief or attacker is different than a kidnapper.

It has been over 23 years since John interviewed a woman who was a split-second away from being thrown into a van by two guys until she sat down and hugged a lightpost.

But we still see heart-breaking news of missing teens, college kids and adults, which leaves us wondering, "What if they had learned how to stay in the first place, would it have helped?"

        More teens and adults are abducted than young kids...

You just watched a bit of the 50 minute NEVER BE ABDUCTED DVD. We offer this anti-abduction class because parents tell us their kids love Grip, Dip & Spin, and wish their teenagers would learn the moves.

But when they try, their older kids roll their eyes, sigh and moan, "I already know what to do mom..." But here's where we can possibly help, so you don't have to say or do a thing. Bring them to our anti-abduction class and let us handle it. They will find out how much they really don't know..

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