CAASES/Shoot Right Education & Training Center

Resist or comply? What should you and your loved ones do... when they have weapons?

One wrong move and it might be all over because criminals with weapons are desperate and unpredictable, so there are no fancy or full-proof techniques like your kids see in the movies but...

There are thoughts and actions that dramatically increase their odds of escaping alive (but I didn't say un-hurt because my definition of success is a hospital bill versus being carried by 12).

        What you don't know could cost you...

You just watched a bit of the 55 minute WEAPONS ESCAPE DVD I developed because how you respond to thieves with weapons is vastly different than kidnappers or attackers with themThus the on-going debate of, "Should you resist or comply?"

There are no perfect or easy answers, but there are moves that are critically important versus weapons - and it's unlike anything you've seen before. Your family will learn a plan against knives, chains, bats or guns in a variety of situations.

The Weapons Escape! This Self Defense class is perfect for men, women and children (suggested minimum age is 14 and up). Here's a summary of what you and your family will learn:
> A simple yet effective plan to escape from criminals who carry weapons.
> Break away from kidnappers and/or attackers with guns or knives.
> Avoid criminals in advance by learning why and how they choose their targets.
> Stop a carjackers, random shooting scenarios and multiple attackers.