CAASES/Shoot Right Education & Training Center

9-13 KID Escape! Abduction

Our Instant Escape From Predators Program has 7 resources that will make kidnappers think, "Your children are CRAZY, I'm gonna run from them..."

Get the "best of both worlds..." Start from "scratch" or add all this to your current plan:

# 1 -- KID ESCAPE Grip, Dip & Spin DVD: 54 award-winning minutes (broken down into 7 minute scenarios) with slow motion replays for easy retention. And here's the cool thing, your kids will WANT to practice these moves. It reveals a non-violent sequence of non-hesitant movements based on failed abductions that stop kidnappers

If your kids stop to think about how to react, it is probably too late. But what if the abductor has a weapon? What if... you name it. Your child (or students) can develop instant escape mindset that's ONLY learned inside this Self Defense Class.

       Will your children be ready?

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