CAASES/Shoot Right Education & Training Center
9+ Year Old Bully Escape

What if your children could learn our "7 MAGIC MOVES" created to stop bullies without fighting?

The BULLY ESCAPE program is dedicated to all children out there who don't feel in control of their own safety and believe there is no hope because they aren't strong or 'coordinated'.

And in memory of Terri Gould, a special education student and personal friend of John's, who he first met in a middle school hallway in 1977.

This is where BULLY ESCAPE moves were born, when he helped Terri stop three bullies from tormenting her. Can you remember someone who could have used the "Magic 7" moves?

        Find out the 7 moves your kids have to know...     

You just saw the first 3 minutes of the 58 minute BULLY ESCAPE DVD which introduced "Magic Move # 1" (moves 2 - 7 are special defensive, controlling moves for boys and girls ages 9+).

When bullies get physical and your child shows fear, bullies attack more often and the odds of serious injury increases. With the "Magic 7", your kids begin to glow with confidence.

And then an amazing thing happens... Bullies sense it and stop bothering them.

I've doing teaching self Defense classes since 2003 and still train hard almost everyday, and after years of continous learning, I've used the "Magic 7" moves to "fight back without fighting" if I ever needed to...

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